DeCompute 2024

The Conference on Decentralized Security with Multi Party Computation

Researchers, Protocol Designers, and Commercial Developers of MPC Technology under one roof.

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An open discussion amongst technologists and researchers about their journeys around decentralized authentication, authorization, and cryptographic computing.

A venue for discourse on the wide adoption of MPC & complimentary stacks.

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Keynotes 2024

The coolest MPC brains will grace the 2024 DeCompute Conference

MPC and TSS Expert
Elette Boyle
Secure Computing Expert
Keynotes 2023

Some of the coolest MPC brains graced the 2023 DeCompute Conference

Benny Pinkas
Aptos Labs
and Professor, Bar llan university, Israel
Jonathan Katz
Chief Scientist @ DFNS
and University of Maryland
2023 Speakers and Panelists
Nikos Makriyannis
Cryptographer @Fireblocks
Yashvanth Kondi
Cryptography Researcher @
Aarhus U & Silence Laboratories
Dima Kogan
Co-Founder & CTO @ Fordefi
Rahul Sharma
Principal researcher
Ouriel Ohayon
Co-founder & CEO
@ Zengo
Founder @ Cure53
Clarisse Hagège
Founder @ DFNS
Kang Li
CSO @ CertiK
Avishay Yanai
Cryptographer @
Teik Guan Tan
Co-founder & CEO @ pQCee
Miguel de Vega
Co-Founder and Chief
Scientific Officer @ Nillion
Mahin Gupta
Founder @ Liminal
Dolev Mutzari
VP of Research @
dWallet Labs
Cryptographer @ HashCloak
Thanh Nguyen
Co-founder @ Verichain
Opal Wright
Cryptographer @
Trail of bits
Joop van de Pol
Cryptographer @ Trail of bits
Weikeng Chen
Research Partner, L2 Iterative
Ying Tong Lai
Researcher @ Geometry
Yan Michalevsky
Co-Founder @ Cryptosat
Daniel Noble
Cryptography Researcher @
UPenn & Silence Laboratories
LuĂ­s BrandĂŁo
Cryptography Researcher@
Pratyay Mukherjee
Senior Director of Research @

The DeCompute Steering committee

Yashvanth Kondi
Principal Scientist, Silence Laboratories
Jay Prakash
Co-Founder, Silence Laboratories
Avishay Yanai
Co-Founder Soda Labs
Omer Shlomovits
CEO of Ingonyama
Riad Wahby
CMU & Co-Founder Cubist
Andrei Bytes
CTO, Silence Laboratories
Atul Mantri
Prof. at Virginia Tech, USA
Daniel Noble
University of Pennsylvania
Head Security Architect

The DeCompute Experience 🌏

Day 1
National Gallery Singapore, Coleman Street, City Hall,
Singapore- 178957

Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium & Foyer, City Hall Wing, B1

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